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Our Primary Care team offers many convenient options when you need to be seen.

Internal Medicine Education and Support

Why do you need an internist?

Internists provide preventive care that helps you stay healthy. They ensure you have the physical exams, screenings and vaccinations that are important for your specific health needs.

Even with healthy habits and the best preventive care, illnesses can still happen. Your internist can address your health concerns with you and establish an appropriate treatment plan. Internists are trained to diagnose and treat a range of the most common adult illnesses.

Your doctor will ask about your personal and family medical history to be sure you receive the appropriate care for any disease or condition you have or are at risk for.

Who do internists treat?

Internists provide primary care to men and women age 18 and older.

Healthy people see their internist to maintain good health. At your scheduled appointments, your doctor provides advice about ways to prevent health problems, such as routine physical exams, screenings and tests.

People are also treated by internists when they are sick. Internists care for the whole person and consider all of your medical needs, concerns and treatments to help you get better.

What is the role of an internist in your care?

Internists provide the following types of medical care:

  • Preventive Care: Internists use information from your personal and family health history to develop a plan for your preventive care. Preventive care includes routine exams, vaccinations and health screenings.
  • Acute Care: Acute care is for illnesses that are treatable and curable, or injuries from which you will heal. Visit your internist for illnesses such as the flu or a sore throat, and for minor injuries, aches and pains.
  • Chronic Care: Chronic care includes management of illnesses and conditions that require long-term treatment and coordination of care. Examples include diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma and depression. Your doctor helps you manage your chronic illness by teaching you what to expect and how to care for yourself.
Expert care for your everyday needs
Our Primary Care team offers many convenient options when you need to be seen.

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