Radiation and Patient Safety in Imaging Testing

Committed to your safety

Imaging tests that use small amounts of radiation, such as CT scans and X-rays are an important part of your care. Henry Ford Health's Department of Radiology is committed to using the lowest possible radiation dose, minimizing your radiation exposure while still ensuring diagnostic quality.

How does Henry Ford minimize my radiation exposure?


The Henry Ford Department of Radiology offers an unparalleled commitment to radiation safety, meeting, and in many cases, exceeding national guidelines. Our innovative program focuses on four key directives:

1: No unnecessary exams

  • Order exams when needed, and our board-certified radiologists consult with referring physicians regarding test alternatives, when appropriate
  • We use computer-based decision support tools to establish the need for each exam, and are one of only five centers chosen to participate in a national study of this process

2: Minimize radiation dose and exposure

  • We participate in national registries, systems which allows facilities to compare and benchmark the lowest possible dose needed for each test
  • We pledge to optimize and administer the lowest dose for each exam and to follow national guidelines for radiation safety and convey the principles of the campaigns called, Image Wisely for adults, and Image Gently for children

3: Commit to research and staff training

  • We routinely review the latest clinical research and imaging protocols to ensure the lowest possible dose is being used for each test
  • All team members undergo continuing education to optimize image quality at the lowest possible dose
  • Henry Ford developed its own, advanced image quality reporting system to find potential problems before they affect patient images

4: Invest in and maintain the most advanced technology

  • We employ the latest technology to reduce dosage, where possible
  • We service all equipment regularly for quality assurance
  • Accreditation by the American College of Radiology ensures that our equipment is tested and monitored to limit radiation exposure

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