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Decreased Libido

Have you lost that spark of desire with your spouse or partner? This is a common issue that can happen to men or women at various stages of their lives. If low libido is causing problems in your relationship, we have professionals who can assist with a variety of solutions.

What Is Decreased Libido?

Libido, which is also referred to as sex drive, is a person’s interest towards sex. However, libido is much more than just sexual interest. Our brain’s neurotransmitters and sex hormones can alter our dopamine and testosterone levels. This determines how sexually desirous the average person can feel, increasing or lowering libido. It’s natural and normal then for your sexual interests to wax and wane. When sexual desire is minimal or nonexistent for a lengthy period, it’s known as low libido.

What Causes Decreased Libido?

The causes of low libido can differ in men and women, although age does cause libido to drop for both genders. Otherwise, in men, low libido may be caused by health conditions, mental health issues, psychological problems or certain medications. Men who have chronic kidney disease often report a drop in libido. Those on medications for advanced prostate cancer, anxiety and depression may also have not be as interested in having sex. This is because testosterone and blood levels are reduced when on these medications. For women, bodily changes like menopause, period or pregnancy can greatly skew their sexual desire. Medications for mood disorders can also influence libido levels. Relationship issues, anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions can also impact a woman’s sexual interests. The same goes for childhood or recent sexual trauma.


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