Colorectal Cancer Patient Stories

Deborah's Story

“I want people to know there is so much power in your thoughts, and it’s only a death sentence if you look at it that way.”

Dan's Story

Two years after being diagnosed with stage 3B colon cancer Dan’s scans are cancer free, the CIPN has improved a bit and now he’s writing novels.

Kathy Desy

Kathy's Story

Most people have better things to do than get a colonoscopy. But Kathy Desy, 74, gave in to the recommendations and had one. Invasive, stage 1 colon cancer would be found and treated the easiest way – early – and by a team of experts.

Donald's Story

When Donald found out that his stage 4 colon cancer had spread to his liver he remained hopeful. Surgeons teamed-up to remove his cancer and now Donald is looking forward to participating in his favorite spring activities.

Josh's Story

Diagnosed with cancer three times by the age of 37, Josh Smith considers himself to be “the luckiest man alive.”

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