Mission Statements


To cultivate an Emergency Medicine training environment in an academic community setting that emphasizes compassion, collaboration and curiosity.

  • Compassion
    • To provide compassionate care to patients and their families. To show kindness and understanding to our co-workers and colleagues. To emphasize the importance of self-reflection and physician wellness.
  • Collaboration
    • To emphasize the role of The Team: residents and attendings working in a collaborative, encouraging environment focused on quality patient care & communication. To train residents as educators. To foster strong relationships with leadership, emergency medical services and interdisciplinary teams. 
  • Curiosity
    • To train self-motivated physicians who are curious about their own education, about the diagnosis, treatment and disposition of patients with acute illness and injury, about quality improvement and patient safety, research, and novel approaches in medical education. To train resident physicians who ask themselves every day “how can I be better?”


Compassionate, collaborative and curious residents are the ones we recruit to this program and train for three years. As our residents graduate and become attending physicians compassion, collaboration and curiosity will continue to guide their professional careers in Emergency Medicine, making them leaders in their field.

Information for Applicants
Interested in applying to one of our programs, call (800) 436-7936.

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