Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect

This is a 3 year independent program with a high clinical load, with strong emphasis on research. There is one resident per year.

Program curriculum

The basic curriculum is based on the PSEN lecture series weekly, with active involvement by both resident and faculty to develop a deeper understanding of the topic. The lecture rotation is designed to allow two full rounds of the series within the 3 year program. Journal Club, M&M, and Grand Rounds help to complete the curriculum.

Program rotations

There is a 4-month rotation each year at the Main Hospital, 4 months ambulatory/ suburban each year and the remainder spread out on Hand Surgery, Craniofacial Surgery, Burn Surgery and non-Plastic Surgery specialties. There is a team approach to healthcare while on the Main rotation, while the others offer a more one-on-one approach with faculty.

Lecture schedule

Our lectures are based on the Plastic Surgery Education Network (PSEN) series

What type of training will be received?

The Plastic Surgery Service encounters about 24,000 patients/ year in the clinics, with about 1,200 operative cases. An additional 900+ cases are performed in the clinics. This covers virtually all aspects of plastic surgery in a fairly balanced fashion. There are about 50 cases while away on Craniofacial/ Pediatric Surgery.


The resident applicant must fulfill the requirements as set by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This includes completion and board eligibility of the acceptable specialties, as well as completing the SF Match application process.

Desirable criteria

Plastic surgery is a field mixing creativity, aesthetic sense and attention to details. This requires a passionate, hard-working professional with good technical skills and sense of 3-dimensional space. A team mentality and research background are very helpful. The ability to guide a team of healthcare professionals independently will allow the trainee to deal with the complex problems of critically ill patients.


We expect the trainee to demonstrate improvement over time on the In-service test, Mock-Oral exam and Milestones criteria. Presentation or publication annually is highly desirable. There is an expectation to develop a well-rounded approach to long term self-education and desire to deliver the best care possible.

Information for Applicants
Interested in applying to one of our programs, call (800) 436-7936.

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