Resident Testimonials

Hassan Fadel, MD 
Wayne State University - PGY-6
Henry Ford Neurosurgery was the best choice for my residency training. The family atmosphere of the team, the complexity of the patients, and the volume of work make for an ideal neurosurgical training environment. The research infrastructure and legacy in innovation that is available to residents, whether in advancing brain tumor research or optimizing spine patient outcomes, compliments our clinical training and provides excellent avenues of support for academic pursuits. And best of all, the neurosurgery residency at Henry Ford Hospital reflects the city we serve - Detroit is a hardworking, resilient, and endlessly inspiring city, the culture of which we hope is echoed in our program. Choosing Henry Ford was the best decision I have made and I can't wait for the next generation of residents to join our team.

Matthew Farmer, MD
Eastern Virginia Medical School - PGY-1
I chose Henry Ford for Neurosurgery residency because it aligned best with what I value in a residency program: the resident operative experience, culture, camaraderie, and reputation for training excellent neurosurgeons. I also sought out training at Henry Ford because I wanted to train at a tertiary care center in a large metropolitan area in order to maximize the diversity of pathology I would encounter throughout residency. I believe Henry Ford will provide me a world class training experience and I am looking forward to joining the team, starting to develop my operative skills, and building my clinical neurosurgical knowledge.

Edvin Telemi, MD
University of Arizona - PGY-3
I chose Henry Ford for Neurosurgery residency because of the well-rounded program and the amazing quality of the residents and staff. I wanted to become a neurosurgeon because of the ability to work on the cutting edge of medicine while making a difference in the lives of patients faced with some of the greatest challenges of their lives. My favorite part about being a Neurosurgery resident is learning and advancing my surgical skills in the OR, working with my colleagues and co-residents, and ultimately taking care of our patients.

Jared Reese, MD
University of Utah - PGY-1
I chose Henry Ford for Neurosurgery residency because of the premier group of residents and faculty who provide exceptional, evidence-based neurosurgical care right here in the heart of Detroit. I wanted to become a neurosurgeon because, in working with a patient's pain and identity, there is a certain reverence for the field that I was drawn to. The neurosurgical patient population is truly unique, and I love diagnosing and treating such niche pathology. My favorite part of being a Neurosurgery resident is the mutual trust and friendship among co-residents in taking care of large volume, complex neurosurgical patients. We spend a lot of time working together, and the camaraderie here is incredible!

Heegook Yeo, MD
University of Louisville - PGY-1
I chose Henry Ford for Neurosurgery residency because it was the best sub-I experience. I was treated as part of the team, not as a visiting student. I also felt that the senior residents were all great role models. I wanted to become a neurosurgeon because when I considered all surgical specialties, I found Neurosurgery to be the most fascinating. The implementation of cutting-edge technology in Neurosurgery is also something that stood out to me when I was exploring as a medical student. My favorite part of being a Neurosurgery resident is as an intern, I'm really looking forward to joining the service and operating soon!

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