Program Highlights

program highlights 1Fellowship opportunities.

Option to transfer into the 6-year EM/IM/CCM pathway at the beginning of your fourth year - the most popular fellowship among our recent graduates. Other fellowships in both EM and IM are available. For those not pursuing fellowship training, research, administrative, and teaching tracks also encouraged to suit your professional goals.

Focus on leadership development.

More senior residents function as junior staff in the emergency department and the inpatient floors. In addition, fifth year residents take on administrative chief roles. Our alumni network is filled with physicians that hold leadership positions within their health systems, from program directors to department chairs.

Autonomy and procedural experience.

Residents are given a high level of autonomy with graduated responsibilities as they progress through training. In the Emergency Department, EM residents own all procedures and resuscitations.

Research and academic exposure.

program highlights 2

Residents have the opportunity to join or create their own research projects. Multi-disciplinary research is common and can include topics in cardiology, emergency medical services, infectious disease, neurology and stroke care, diversity and equity. Residents also have access to a $5000 stipend to create and fund their own projects.

Diverse medical pathology.

Few hospitals see the level of advanced and critical pathologies that EM/IM residents are exposed to. Being an inner city, and quaternary referral center for cases from across Michigan, residents are exposed to some of the most medically complex, rare and critical disease processes in the state.

Information for Applicants
Interested in applying to one of our programs, call (800) 436-7936.

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