Sometimes we all need a little rest and relaxation, and traveling away from home might not be in the plans. A staycation (a combination of the words stay and vacation), is a great alternative to the travel and expense of a typical vacation. 

What are the rules of a staycation? 

Well, that’s up to you. You can set a list of rules that mimic some of the experience of a vacation away from home. 

Such as: 

  • No doing laundry!
  • No cooking or cleaning
  • No email or working
  • No worrying!
  • Have fun!

Plan your activities 

If you were on a vacation in another city, you would most likely plan out some of the days events. During your staycation you could plan out the activities that you want to do alone and / or with family (whoever is on the staycation with you). Planning out your itinerary will help make sure you spend quality time on your staycation and you don’t fall back into regular routines like doing laundry or cleaning (see rules above!). 

Making a plan is a great way to go to the places you’ve always wanted to see but somehow never fit in your schedule. Are there local interests that have been recommended to you that you could add to your itinerary? Is there a museum or art gallery that you’ve always wanted to visit? Make plans to go there and look for a nearby restaurant for lunch or dinner. Ask friends and family for recommendations to restaurants you’ve never been to, remember this is an opportunity to try new things. You could end the day by attending a movie or a live show. 

Detroit area ideas

There are countless fun things to do in Detroit for everyone. You can visit the Detroit Institute of Arts and enjoy lunch at the Kresge Cafe, explore the beauty of Belle Isle, take in a live theater show at the Fox, and stroll along the Riverwalk.  

Try This

  • Plan your own staycation! 
  • Decide on your rules and if this is a solo or family adventure. 
  • Schedule the time on your calendar - make sure you set the time aside as if you were leaving town! 
  • Make reservations to the shows and restaurants you plan to visit. This will help to make sure you stick to your staycation plans. 
  • Have Fun!!

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