What is Beauty?

What is Beauty

Who decides what is beautiful? 

Can we all agree on what is beautiful?

Why do some of us love to look at abstract art and some only love landscapes?

The neurobiologist Samir Zeki did an experiment where participants underwent brain scans while looking at artwork. The scans showed that there was strong activity in the center of the brain connected to pleasure. And when the participants viewed artwork that they considered most beautiful, their brain “lit up” in the same way as gazing at a loved one. 

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

Defining Beauty

I thought it would be interesting to search the internet for the definition of beauty. 

Here are some of my favorite definitions that I found:

“True beauty is the full acceptance of who we are and the constant refinement on becoming a better human being (humane, loving, kind, joyful, helpful, patient, resilient and peaceful).” (What is the true meaning of beauty?)

“It's a radiance of spirit, having character, kindness to ourselves and to others, it's strength and self-confidence to know that with or without makeup the real beauty is you.” (What Is Beauty? And What's Your Definition of Your Beauty?)

“It can be thought of as a combination of qualities, such as confidence, poise, joy, patience, truthfulness, kindness, persistence, and loyalty. That kind of beauty reaches far beyond physical beauty, and makes a person shine from the inside as well as aesthetically.” (What Does It Mean To Be Truly Beautiful Inside And Out?)

Try This

How do you define beauty?

  • Take a few minutes to meditate on what you find beautiful in another person, in yourself, and in the objects that surround you. 
  • Think about these qualities throughout the day and look for the beauty all around. 

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