Mind Maps

I think we all know getting organized can benefit our mental health. From clearing clutter to meal planning, there are a lot ways organization can help us. Sometimes, organizing is easier said than done. When we are overwhelmed with the amount of responsibilities we have to deal with, it can be difficult to make decisions and prioritize. 

Creating a mind map can be a fun, and visually appealing, way to organize our thoughts. Mind maps have been used as far back as the 3rd century, but more recently made popular by the British psychologist, Tony Buzan. “Mind maps can be used in a variety of ways, but they all have one thing in common: They center around a single, central topic, with everything else branching out from there. This can be helpful for brainstorming, organizing thoughts, and planning projects.”

Whether you are planning a big party or your meals for the week, creating a mind map can help you visualize the steps needed to get it done. Breaking down the steps of a larger project makes it easier on our brain and reduces decision fatigue. 

Try This

There are a lot of digital mind map programs if you prefer, or you can used pen and paper to create your own way.

  1. Start with the main idea in the center - example: meal plan
  2. Then, uses lines to branch off of that with the next step in the plan - example: the days of the week
  3. Then, break it down even further - are there days in the week where you don’t need to make a meal? Can one meal provide leftovers for the next day? Maybe one meal can be ordered out
  4. Once you have your mind map complete, it can be easy to see the steps needed to complete the task.

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