Snowflake Beauty

As the snow on the roof melts and drips down to the back porch creating an icy puddle, I think about spring. It’s a long way off but I’m glad that the weather is warming up a bit. I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life and have tried winter sports like skiing and ice skating. Both are so much fun, but still too cold for me! 

I do think snow and ice are quite beautiful. When the snow falls and covers the ground and trees like a blanket, it looks magical… from inside my warm home. And, the patterns of snowflakes and ice crystals are fascinating, they are like tiny mandalas with symmetrical patterns. 

“Some snowflakes are made of a single ice crystal while other, more elaborate snowflakes are made of as many as 200 ice crystals fused together.” (Kenneth G. Libbrecht,

What if we embraced the beauty of the snow and cold from the comfort of our homes? 

Creating paper snowflakes is a way to celebrate the winter wonderland without being exposed to the harsh cold and ice. The meditative activity is relaxing and beautiful. 

Try This

Paper Snowflakes

  • Begin with a square piece of paper
  • Fold diagonally so you have a triangle
  • Fold that triangle in half, then
  • Fold that into thirds
  • Flatten the top of the paper by cutting off the points
  • Draw a pattern on your paper
  • Cut out the spaces around your pattern
  • Follow this link for visual steps: How to Make Paper Snowflakes for the Holiday Season

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