Neurodegenerative and Neuroinflammatory Disorders Center

Approximately one in four Americans will suffer from a neurodegenerative disease in their lifetimes. And nearly all Americans will have a family member with one of these conditions.

The Henry Ford Neurodegenerative and Neuroinflammatory Diseases Center is helping people with these conditions live better and longer. Our nationally renowned experts deliver today’s leading therapies with support that makes life a little easier. We take the time to build lasting relationships with all our patients, so they get the most out of our services. And our research is always exploring new treatments and potential cures for these conditions.

Neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory disease care at Henry Ford: Why choose us?

Henry Ford Health’s neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory diseases services help more people maximize their quality of life. We start with a careful evaluation of your symptoms and talk about your health goals. You receive appropriate therapies from providers who understand your medical needs and care about you as a person.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Expertise: Highly skilled neurologists specializing in specific types of neurodegenerative disease guide your care. Many of our experts are leaders in the field with decades of experience. Meet our team.
  • National recognition: Our decades-long history of leadership and commitment to excellence puts Henry Ford among the nation’s elite neurodegenerative disease programs. We have earned recognition from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, The ALS Association and others.
  • Comprehensive care: We frequently detect problems earlier than other centers. This enables you to start therapies sooner, potentially slowing symptom progression. And we offer a broad range of treatments, so you have options if standard therapies are not successful. Read more about neurodegenerative diseases evaluation and treatment.
  • Innovation: Our experts are advancing neurodegenerative disease care possibilities through research. We lead clinical trials that give you access to new therapies that may only be available in select programs nationwide. Find out more about neurodegenerative diseases research and innovation.
  • Support: Neurodegenerative diseases can bring unexpected changes to your life. We’re here to help you navigate them. Nurses, social workers and therapists help you find solutions to problems and coordinate services that help you focus on healing. We also offer family-based support through our C.A.R.E. Program.

About neurodegenerative diseases

Neurodegenerative diseases occur when nervous system cells (neurons) in the brain and spinal cord begin to deteriorate. These conditions cause problems with memory, movement and sometimes breathing, and they have no cure.

Common neurodegenerative diseases include Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and multiple sclerosis. We also treat rare conditions, including myasthenia gravis, and complex problems, like neurodegenerative disease with behavioral challenges. Explore the neurodegenerative diseases we treat.

Second opinions and patient referrals

Our teams welcome the opportunity to evaluate and treat patients who are new to Henry Ford.

  • Second opinions: We offer easy access and thorough evaluations to confirm a diagnosis and provide treatment recommendations.
  • Patient referrals: Our neurologists are available to discuss recommendations if you wish to continue caring for your patient. We can also take over the care of your patient and provide regular communication that helps you stay informed. Get more information for medical professionals.
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