Is Joint Replacement Right for You?

Over time, arthritis can cause serious damage to your hip and knee joints. For many people, joint replacement is the most effective option for relieving the pain, wear and tear associated with arthritis. At the Henry Ford’s Center for Joint Replacement, we offer minimally invasive and traditional surgical options to treat joint conditions effectively and safely.

Learn more about hip replacement, knee replacement and shoulder replacements.

Am I a candidate for joint replacement?

Joint replacement can be considered at any age when medication, injections and other therapies fail to relieve joint pain and swelling. At Henry Ford, more than half of our patients are under 65.

You may be a candidate for joint replacement if you:

  • Frequently experience pain, swelling or stiffness
  • Need to stop daily activities or wake up due to pain
  • Regularly take pain relievers
  • Need a cane or walker to get around
  • Sometimes limp when you walk
  • Have visible joint damage on X-rays 

Managing joint issues without surgery

If you are considering our joint replacement options, or if you are not a candidate for surgery, you and your primary care doctor should discuss alternative treatments. These may include:

  • Weight loss
  • Taking over-the-counter or prescription medications
  • Receiving anti-inflammatory or lubricating injections
  • Avoiding high-impact sports or physically demanding work
  • Check out one of our joint preservation classes
  • Improving flexibility by riding a stationary bike or exercising in water
  • Getting other physical therapy

Learn more about joint care available through Henry Ford or sign up for a joint preservation class.

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