Integrative Medicine Services are Key for Pain Control

Norman Bias was the picture of health until a tragic car accident left him with chronic pain. After careful review of the situation, Norman’s neurologist suggested the Henry Ford Center for Integrative Medicine. Providers at the Henry Ford Center for Integrative Medicine worked out a treatment plan that addressed Norman’s pain and improved his quality of life.

Attentive providers show they care.

“When I came in one day, you could see the pain on my face. Acupuncturist Ruth Lehman spent extra time and worked with me past the time of my appointment to make me feel comfortable and rid me of as much pain as possible. Henry Ford Integrative Medicine providers always go over and above. They’re all very attentive."

Norman also sees Linda Holland, D.C., for chiropractic care, and Kathryn Glad for massage therapy. Discussing the Henry Ford Integrative Medicine team, Norman says, “I love them because they not only do their job, they really care about people! Some days I get depressed, but after visiting the Henry Ford Center for Integrative Medicine, I feel better. It’s an uplifting experience!”

Norman is loyal to his care team and affirms he would never go elsewhere. “They give me care and keep me going!”

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