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All people who can become pregnant deserve the respect and freedom to make their own choices about when, where, how and whether they will have children. Whatever your reproductive goals, the Women and Person-Empowered Community Access for Reproductive Equity (WE CARE) Family Planning Program helps ensure you have a voice in your care.

WE CARE Family Planning provides information for people who want to prevent pregnancy and those who want to become pregnant. We offer no-judgment support that fits your goals and needs.

WE CARE values

WE CARE is based on a simple idea: We believe in reproductive well-being for all.

Reproductive well-being means all people can access the information, services and support they need to have control of their own bodies and make their own decisions about sexuality and reproduction.

WE CARE provides support for all people who can get pregnant, but especially those who have historically experienced reproductive injustice. That includes Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, people living with low income, people who identify as LGBTQ+, people living with disabilities and others.

We developed the WE CARE program with input from community members and community organizations in the Detroit area. Our goal is to provide care designed for you and your unique needs, without judgment.

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The WE CARE Family Planning program

WE CARE is available to anyone in the metro Detroit region, aged 18 and older, who is able to become pregnant but is not currently pregnant. This virtual program connects you to a community health worker who will talk to you by phone or web meeting.

WE CARE community health workers are women from the local community trained to provide information to you about birth control and your health before pregnancy. They will help you discuss your social and reproductive health needs and access the information that is most important to you.

Depending on your needs, your community health worker can help with a variety of services:

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Reproductive goals

We work with people to help them clearly identify their reproductive goals and how these fit with their life goals. Do you want to prevent pregnancy or hope to get pregnant? Or are you unsure or ok either way? We will discuss your wishes and goals — and your options for achieving them.

Family planning

Once we understand your reproductive goals, we can help you reach them. Our community health workers provide information and support for whatever path you choose. Those options include:

  • Birth control (contraception) education and support: If you don’t want to get pregnant now, you have options. Our community health workers will explain the many different types of birth control available, including the side effects they might have and how often you have to take them. Our community health workers will also help you decide which options might be best for you based on your lifestyle and preferences.
  • Preconception health education and support: If you are hoping to become pregnant soon, our community health workers can help you prepare. Should you take a prenatal vitamin? Are your health problems under control? Do you need a Pap smear? We can help answer those questions and connect you to resources to help you plan for a healthy pregnancy.

Reproductive health referrals

WE CARE doesn’t offer medical care directly. Instead, we provide referrals and resources to connect you to the healthcare you need.

Social needs screening and referrals

Safe, stable communities are necessary for reproductive well-being. And it can be hard to focus on staying healthy when you have other priorities and challenges. WE CARE helps people connect with resources to address social needs like housing, transportation, utilities and insurance.

We recognize that each person we work with has unique needs. Our community health workers are trained to help you map out your own reproductive journey and the support you need as you take the steps to reach your destination.

Getting involved: The WE CARE Family Planning study

We developed the WE CARE program using science and input from members of our community. Now, we’re studying the program to make sure it meets people’s needs.

If you’d like to participate in the study, you will complete an enrollment form. If you are eligible to participate, you’ll be connected with a WE CARE community health worker. Together, you will discuss your reproductive goals and develop a plan for your reproductive health. In return, we’ll ask you to complete some surveys and interviews to help us find out how well the program is working.

We will pay up to $140 for your time, depending on how many surveys and interviews you complete. You’ll also gain knowledge to help you make informed decisions and achieve your goals for reproductive health.

If you are interested in participating in the WE CARE Family Planning study, learn more by reading our Frequently Asked Questions.

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