Hospital-Paid Expenses

The Medical Education budget of the house officer’s hospital or department pays for additional expenses related to regulatory or program accreditation requirements, including:

  • Regulatory requirements (e.g., fingerprinting) to apply for a Michigan medical license, including the cost of the educational license and renewals or the equivalent amount towards the cost of a permanent license.
  • Out-of-state medical licenses when an out-of-state rotation is essential to fulfill the program’s educational requirements during the term of the residency.
  • Required rotations, conferences, courses and related travel expenses.
  • Participant conference registration and travel expenses.
  • Mileage reimbursed according to Internal Revenue Service regulations and Medical Education requires carpooling (4 to a car) when multiple house officers are driving to the same destination.
  • Required professional memberships as defined by basic accreditation standards.
  • Surgical loupes for surgery residents.
  • Lab coats are provided at the start of training; additional coats may be provided in the third and fifth year.
  • A meal supplement is provided.
  • ACLS/BLS Certification

Required travel

House officers may be required to travel outside the Detroit metropolitan area for rotations, courses and conferences to complete mandatory experiences for the completion of the program or to represent their hospital or program at the request of the Director of Medical Education or Program Director. Travel requiring commercial transportation and/or accommodations must be approved in advance using the Travel Authorization Form and Henry Ford Health Travel Policies.

Participant travel

Henry Ford Health encourages house officers to conduct research and disseminate findings to further the profession and advance knowledge. Travel is considered participant travel if the house officer is a panelist, moderator, or speaker listed in an official program of a society or national meeting.

Funding of up to $1,500 per trip may be provided for Participant Travel, based on the judgment and discretion of the Program Director. Expenses in excess of $1,500 are the responsibility of the individual.

  • Eligibility for participant travel shall be limited to one author, presenter or exhibitor per paper/poster per meeting and one presentation/exhibit of the same material per house officer.
  • House officers invited to discuss scientific papers or poster presentations whose names have not been listed in the program may be reimbursed at the Program Director’s discretion.

Information for Applicants
Interested in applying to one of our programs, call (800) 436-7936.

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