Henry Ford Hospital On-Campus Housing

The hospital-owned property is called Henry Ford Hospital Apartments. We have 152 apartments in our 21-story facility. Our apartments are one and two bedrooms, both with a single bath, kitchen with pantry, living/dining area and private balcony. One-bedroom apartments are approximately 635 sq. ft. and two bedroom apartments are 875 sq. ft. They feature 8' ceilings and numerous closets.

Location and parking:
The Henry Ford Hospital apartment building is located directly behind the hospital and provides convenient access to the hospital and its facilities. Free parking for one vehicle is provided in a fenced surface lot surrounding the apartment building.

The apartments are unfurnished. Carpeting and vertical blinds are provided in all units and may not be replaced or removed.

All apartment homes have a stove, refrigerator and garbage disposal. Some units have built-in microwaves and dishwashers. In addition, a card-operated laundry facility is conveniently located on the first floor of the apartment building. Unfortunately, there are not connections for washers and dryers in the apartments.

All utilities, with the exception of telephone service and internet, are included in the rent. The units are air-conditioned and have individual heat control. All apartments have at least one telephone outlet. The apartments are cable ready and cable television may be ordered through Comcast Xfinity. High Speed Internet is available through numerous sources, including Comcast.

To be eligible for Henry Ford Hospital housing, you must be actively enrolled in a residency training program. Exemptions may be granted based on unusual circumstances if availability permits. Family members of the physician-in-training may reside in Henry Ford Hospital housing provided that certain limitations are observed. A maximum of two tenants are permitted in the one bedroom apartments and four tenants in the two bedroom apartments. All adult tenants must be co-signers on the lease. Guest occupants are permitted for short periods of time.

Rental rates:
The rental rates for hospital housing properties are very competitive with local market rates. Rent payments are deducted from the resident's paycheck on a bi-weekly basis. A security deposit equal to one month's rent and refundable key deposit will be collected prior to move-in date. It should be noted that all apartments facing south are satellite accessible and are rented at a higher rate.

Liability insurance:
Henry Ford Hospital shall not be liable to damages for any personal injury or loss unless caused by the willful neglect of the hospital. Henry Ford Hospital shall not be liable for any personal property stolen from residents or guests of residents. Residents utilize parking space, laundry space, and recreational facilities at their own risk. The hospital advises that residents secure renters insurance to protect themselves and their guests from loss or damage sustained on Henry Ford Health premises.

Pets are not permitted on hospital property. Visiting dogs and cats are specifically prohibited.

Henry Ford Hospital on-campus housing is meant to serve as a temporary, transitional option for physicians-in-training, with a current maximum stay of two years (subject to change at any time based on availability) regardless of the length of the training program. The housing available on campus can only accommodate approximately 20% of all physicians-in-training. Additionally, housing is very limited during the summer months as out-going physicians often vacate the premises after in-coming physician must report. Therefore, it may be necessary for you to make transition arrangements during the months of June and July, if possible, with subsequent housing assignment in August. Housing Services will make every attempt to resolve these timing conflicts. Alternatively, if you are willing to share an apartment with another resident for one or two months, this may facilitate your permanent housing assignment.

Penalty for early termination:
Tenant will be liable for rental fees for the duration of the leasing contract up to 45 days prior to the contract expiration date. Tenant may find a replacement to fulfill the balance of the leasing contract. Replacement must meet eligibility requirements for occupancy in Henry Ford Hospital Apartments.


Assignment policy:
The apartment building is utilized as temporary housing quarters to assist incoming residents until they become familiar with the area. Housing Services attempts to meet all requests regarding specific housing accommodations. This is done on a first-come, first-serve basis. Housing Services is committed, however, to accommodating as many individual as possible and therefore, reserves the right to assign housing based on family size or other factors. Residents with families or who wish to share an apartment may be given priority for two-bedroom apartments. Every effort is made to accommodate your choice of apartment size and floor; however, due to the limited number of apartments that are available, it is not always possible to give you your first choice. As a general rule of thumb, one bedroom apartments are better for single individuals, two bedrooms are better for couples or families. If there are not enough one-bedroom apartments available, you may be assigned to a two-bedroom apartment even if you request a one-bedroom apartment.

If you or a family member has a physical disability involving mobility, we will try to accommodate you in a suitable apartment. However, it is urgent that you complete your application for housing as early as possible and indicate your need for special housing.

If you do not receive a response to your housing request by 30 days prior to your requested move-in date, please write or telephone the Housing Office. The address and telephone number is:

Henry Ford Hospital
Dept. of Medical Education
Henry Ford Hospital Apartments
2799 W. Grand Blvd, CFP-B 46
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 916-3297

Cancellation of application:
If you wish to cancel your housing application for any reason, please let us know at the earliest possible time by writing or telephoning the Housing Office at (313) 916-3297.

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